15.06.2015.  -  19.06.2015.


                                                    Erasmus+ Programme,  Strategic Partnerships for School Education


Partner meeting –Latvia- Vergale

June 15th – 19th, 2015 

SUNDAY, June 14th

            Trip to Liepaja

            Arrival at the hotel and checking in

MONDAY, June 15th

            8.00-9.00         Breakfast

            9.15-10.00       Trip to Vergale by a Minibus

           10.00-11.00     Welcoming ceremony at the pre-school, greetings on behalf of the headmistress ,local public authorities, the project

                                     coordinator, , children’s performances.

           11.00-12.00      Project meeting

                              1.Presentation of the kindergarten

                              2.Introducing the staff and the children – sharing   impressions,


           12.30-13.00     Lunch  in the kindergarten

           13.00-18.00     Project meeting

                        Presentations of   Vergale   and  Pavilosta.

                        Art school  and  Kindergarten  in  Pāvilosta.

           18.00-18.50     Trip back to Liepaja

           20.00-22.00     Activity of Art : workshop folk  dancing  with  folk group “Atštaukas”  

TUESDAY, June 16th

            8.00-8.40         Breakfast

            8.40-9.10         Trip to Vergale by Minibus

            9.30-12.00       Project meeting

                                    1.Presentations of the visual art works in different techniques

                                    realized during Art classes.

                                    / Latvia, Romania Hungaria,  Turkey, Bulgaria /

            12:00-12.30     Lunch  in the kindergarten 

            13.00-15.00     Education visit in Liepaja (the park by the sea-side,

                                    “hymn prospect”, “Līvu” tree, museum,etc.)

            15.00-17.00     Activity of Art :   Workshop in the House of Crafts

                                     different exhibitions dedicated to the art and craft topics.different

            18.00               Common activites - Dinner

WEDNESDAY, June 17th

            8.00-8.40         Breakfast

            8.40-9.10         Trip to Vergale by Minibus

            9.30-12.00       Project meeting

                                    1. Selecting, from the activities and methods presented by

                                    the partners, the most successful ones for jointly

                                    conceiving the methodological guide;

                                    2.Establishing the structure of the guide.

            12.00-13.00     Lunch  in the kindergarten

            13.00-16.30     Education visit to Kuldiga  and  Alsunga

            17.00-18.00     Activity of Art :   workshop making soap  in “Alsungas klēts” 

            18.00-20.00     Activity of Art :   Cookery workshop on traditional cookery in

                                    Spelmanu krogs

            20.30               Trip back to Liepaja           

THURSDAY, June 18th

             8.00-8.40         Breakfast

            8.40-9.10         Trip to Vergale by Minibus

            9.30-12.00       Project meeting

                                    1.Discussion of further tasks

                                    2.Planning the future project activities; 

           12.00-13.00     Lunch  in kindergarten

            13.30-15.00     Project meeting    

                                    1.Establishing details of the next project meeting.

                                    2.Filling in the evaluation questionnaires

            15.00               Trip back to Liepaja

            15.40-18.30     Free time

            20.00               Closing ceremony and dinner,

                                    Granting the attendance certificates

 FRIDAY, June 19th

            8.30-9.00         Breakfast

            9.00-12.00       Departure. trip to  Riga.

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