23.03.2015.    .-  27.03.2015.


                                                           Erasmus+ Programme Strategic Partnerships for School Education


Partner meeting –Hungary- AJKA

23. March 2015. – 27. March 2015. 

23. March 2015. ( Monday)

 9:00 a.m. Welcome and Greeting partners –

                 Venue: Ajka Városi Óvoda - Patakparti Óvoda - (Ajka, Béke utca 33)


     v     Presentation of the our kindergarten

     v     Getting to know Hungary and region

     v     Games – Business card (your name)making – by technique of Art    (painting, print, scratch, etc...)

            We are getting to know each other with these cards

 11.00- 12.00 Lunch in kindergarten

 13.00  Presentation of Ajka

     v     Local attraction

     v     Industry of Ajka

     v     Folk crafts long ago and today

     v     Városi Múzeum és Fotó Galéria

     Activity of Art :  Corn husk(s)  at the Museum

      17.00 Common activites - Dinner

24.March 2015 (Tuesday)

9.00 Professional programmes at the kindergarten

         1. Discussion of SWOT analysis

         2. The Visual Arts colletion – Give them for partner countries

         3. Discussion of further tasks

11.00 Trip to Balaton Lake – lunch on bus ( cold meal)


v     Tihany – Lavender House

Activity of Art : making Lavender wreath (handicrafting)

v     Tihany Abbey -  Benedictine monastery 

v     Balatonfüred – Tagore promenade, Museum

18.00 Arrive  - Common activites - Dinner

25. March 2015. (Wednesday)

  9:00 Fine Arts Association of Ajka professional forenoon’s

Activity of art: led by amateur artists  trying various visual technique, in the Association’s workshop (Walk from the kindergarten to the workshop)

11:00-12:00 Lunch in Ajka in the Építő Restaurant

13:00 Trip to Herend, viewing the Porcelan Manufactory in Herend

16:00  Veszprém

v    Castle, Fire tower, Gizella chapel

26. March 2015. (Thursday)

12:00-13:00 Trip to Magyarpolány by bus

,                     Lunch in Tarka Kakas Restaurant

13:00 Walk to the Calvary and viewing the church in Magyarpolány

14:00 Viewing the Village house, the Chalet and the School of Art

Activity of art: participation in creative occupations - at the School of Art

16:00 Trip to Somló - Cellar tour in Somló (wine tasting)

17:00 Common activities - dinner

Activity of art: Dance house – folklore dances

27. March 2015. (Friday)

9:00-12:00 Closing of the partner meeting

v   Discussion the next partner meeting’s program

v   Reconciliation the performed tasks

v   Allocation the certificate

                                                                     MEETING  OF DELEGATIONS  IN  AJKA

                                      CHILDREN  WAITING US WITH PERFORMANCES AND SOUVENIRS

                                                                               CHILDREN  IN  LESSONS

                                                                    WORKING  WITH  TASKS  OF  PROJECT

                                                                             CREATIVE  WORKSHOPS



                                                                                       GROUP  FACILITIES


                                                          PROJECT  ATTRIBUTE  IN  GROUP  FACILITIES

                                                                         IMPRESSIONS  ABOUT  HUNGARY

                                                                       RECEIVING  CERTIFICATES

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