TURKEY       GAZIANTEP

              Guneykent   Anaonkulu

                                              S.W.O.T.    ANALYS


1- Hardworking, young and dynamic teachers

2- Well-know school with a good backgroung

3- Sufficent financial resources

4- Sufficent support from the provincial education directorates

5- Well equipped new school building

6- Central position in a good venue

7- Well cominacated team


1. Lack of family seminars

2. The lack of qualified personnel

3. Absence of psychological support unit

4. Absence of garden and sport activity fields

5. Our parents do not have enough information about the goals and objectives of pre-school education.

6. ECE is not obligation in Turkey.

7. Lack of first aid skills and health/safety

8. Lack of experience and knowladge about

   children with special needs


1. Our school in the city center.

2. Far away from industrial area

3. Easy transportation

4. Low risk of earthquake and other


5. Close to security units and health

  care departments.

6. Donations from business autorities


1. Some students comes from far areas to school

2. Immigration and reffugees

3. War

4. Frequent cirruculum and system changes

5. No fire escape exits and plans


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