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ñ        Professional competences

ñ        National Programme for kindergarten education Artistic education is detailed in the pedagogical  programme

ñ        Ability for innovation

ñ        Colleagues have a positive attitude towards the arts

ñ        Support from the head of kindergarten

ñ        Support from the holder/ local government

ñ        Aims and tasks are defined and published

ñ        Kindergarten teachers and colleages have an interest for

artistic education

ñ        Musical and visual education are made daily

ñ        Free time activities can be choosen such as folk dance

and creative workshops

ñ        Our nursary is a registered point for talents

ñ        Usage of diverse artistic technics

ñ        Children’s creativity is being improved constantly


ñ          Non-compliance with the deadlines

ñ          Defined and agreed tasks have not been finished or prepared.

ñ          Lack of cooperational ability between the colleagues.

ñ          Low participation of the parents on the programmes ( once the technique is introduced)

ñ          Disability of all children to use the technique ( not all children are able to use the technique due to their younger ages)


ñ         Recognition of Hungary and artistic education of our kindergarten Patakparti on domestic and international level

ñ         Establishment of new relationships

ñ         Making new creations and creative things

ñ         Visual art

ñ         Methodological guideline

ñ         Traditional dance collection

ñ         Exhibitions

ñ         Calendar

ñ         Understanding  and adoptation of new techniques

ñ         Application possibilities

ñ         Strength of togetherness and teamwork

ñ         Developement of the organtizational culture

ñ         Test of new techniques

ñ         Transmission of our own technique

ñ         Language learning


ñ      Linguistic communicational difficulties.

ñ      Lack of personal knowledge of the conditions.

ñ      Inadequate flow of information, communication

ñ      Resistance

ñ      Purchasing equipments can be difficult, if the technique is not used in our country


Kaposiné Kundermann Lívia:

„Creative hands, dancing legs and happy children.”

„We cooperate for the arts.”

Pauer Magdolna:

„ Together for arts”

„ Art is our common language”

„ For the joy of creation.”

„ Get to know others, create together and make a developement.”

Papné Takács Ágnes:

„Culture can not be herited. The culture of ancestors can shortly disappear, if all nations not reorganized themselves again and again.”

                                                                        Kodály Zoltán                                                               

„More thousand years wisdom is included in the folk traditions and these are guidelines for the future.”

                                                            Andrásfalvy Bertalan

Hanis Henrietta:

„Form the past and step ahead to the future.”

„Use your hands and legs ably and show it to the whole world.”


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